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About us

We create a sustainable future by qualitatively updating the traditional industries and ensuring their innovative development

We identified the priority areas for that kind of updates in the following industries:




Our strategic goals: 

  • To be a profitable and competitive company, that creates products, raw materials and materials based on fast-growing wood and green biomass, based on developed innovative technologies.
  • To Create and to using a rapidly renewable sources of wood biomass, combined with innovation, efficiency and responsibility.


  • Financial indicators are an absolute requirement for the continuous development of our company.
  • We take responsibility for the environment, our partners and each other to ensure a successful business.
  • We support our competitiveness through innovation, economy and high profitability.
  • We create business functions with a good long-term growth forecast.


Our business lines are creating a strong value chain where we use wood and the associated biomass of fast-growing trees, as efficiently as possible at the each stage.

All of the products that we produce are suitable for processing.

We are developing a new innovative and sustainable enterprises:



commercial woodcellulose and lignin biofuelsgreen biomass








The established enterprises are based on our extensive know-how and strong position in the chain of creation and realisation of production fast-growing wood, and leafy green biomass.

Established joint company are allows:

  1. To receive a high-quality wooden raw material and green biomass in shorter time period (from 1 to 5 years)
  2. To save the natural forests, which recovering period is counting in tens of years
  3. To recover the ecology of the planet on the background of continuous capital gain

We creating a products that are made on the basis of rapidly renewed wood raw materials and are suitable for recycling.

This is an alternative to products that manufactured with using a long-term renewable and artificial chemical raw materials.

These are the best solutions in the field of renewable resources, saving and recovering of the environment.


Our experience is the key to creating new sustainable enterprises with high added value and unique competitive advantages.

We developed and patented the following technologies:

  • Technology of cultivating the seedlings of the Paulownia tree (Paulownia) from seeds.
  • The Method of growing of seedlings of the fast-growing Paulownia tree.
  • Technology of planting Paulownia seedlings (Paulownia) in the open ground.
  • Technologies of caring of Paulownia tree (Paulownia) in the first years after the seeding in the open ground.

Applications for technologies in the Federal Service for Intellectual Property of the Russian Federation are provides a competitive advantage and contributes to the preservation of the leading positions in the market.


With the support of the MSF of the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship, the first biotechnological nursery for growing fast-growing trees was opened in Moscow in 2016.

The nursery is specialising on growing of the fast-growing Paulownia tree seedlings of the following varieties: Tomentosa, Elongate, hybrid 9501, 9502.

The presence of the nursery provides a low self-cost for planting material and, accordingly, a reduction in the cost of the product in the chain of production of wood and biomass on plantations.

 Paulownia trees



Our lands, that meet the requirements of the organization of plantations, are in the Krasnodar Region. Southern region of the Russian Federation. There is the possibility of expanding the area for a minimal cost.


Pavlovsk district, Krasnodar Region. Russian Federation


The Russian agricultural lands, due to large areas and low demand, is five to six times cheaper than in Europe or in the US.

Low costs of agricultural lands are provides a reduction in the self-costs of the products.


Our professional team is able to provide a quality management of production and attract the necessary labor resources, depending on the volume of production.

To achieve our ambition goals, we need a high responsibility people.

Important for us:

  • High-professional people
  • Responsible leadership
  • Ethical behavior and respecting the human rights
  • Culture of safety








We strive to be an attractive employer with inspirational leaders whos offer a different varieties of opportunities for the development and growth of the company.

We are see that our success is determined by good business ethics, as well as continuous dialogue and transparent interaction with our stakeholders. We are actively engage with the communities in which we operate and where our economic impact is significant.

We're sharing the common interests with our stakeholders and trying to find innovative ways to developing the company together.

To provide the true stakeholder value, we are focused on the ensuring of good co-operation, regular discussions and interaction at all of the levels.

These tools and channels are enhancing our knowledge and understanding of the company's activities and targets, as well as building a long-term trust with the key stakeholder groups.