Plantations for the biomass receiving

S c r o l l D o w n

Green biomass of Paulownia is able to use in the following sectors:



  • For the animal feedstuff production
  • For the fodder additives production.
  • For the production of lysine-containing preparations that provides a rapid growth of the animal and plant biomass.


According to researching, the biomass of the fast-growing Paulownia tree contains a large numbers of proteins, and by her characteristics its close to lucerne.

Technologies of the growing up of the paulownia trees on the plantations for the biomass receiving are allow us to obtain 25 to 30 tons of high-quality herbal wood, that contains 20% of protein.

The researching of the nutritional values of Paulownian biomass allowed us to find a new ways to receive a natural fodder additives and lysine.

Preparations with high-contain of lysine, are using in the plant-growing as well. Using of this type of preparations allows to increase the volume of the harvest of the nurseries, and plantations.


2.Bioethanol production

The high contain of the easily hydrolysable polysaccharides and high productivity are allows to receive the acceptable quantity of cheap liquid biofuel.

Growing of the Paulownia on the low-quality agricultural lands will solve the problems of receiving of the biofuel raw-materials without raising of the agricultural crops market prices.

The harvest of Paulownia can reach 70−85 tons of the biomass from 1Ha in 2-years period.

liquid biofuel raw-material

3.Pharmaceutical and cosmetology

Using of the Paulownian extracts is really popular in Asia. Its practicing in pharmacy and cosmetology sectors.

Paulownin (also known as Neopaulonine) is a lignan, that was received from the parts of the plant, that are above the ground. Lignans are the phytoestrogens (as known as natural hormons).


We are making a fast-renewable products and raw-materials, that millions people in the world are need.

The costumer orientation, innovations and stability are combined for the unique way to progress.