S c r o l l D o w n

A new look at the world around us!

We are growing a fast-growing trees, saving a natural forests and improving an ecology with love and care for future generations!


Natural forests is one of the most important resource on the Earth.

Forests are affects the climate, the availability of clean water, cleans air, protects agricultural lands, provides places for comfortable living and recreation of people, and preserves a variety of wildlife.

Cutting down a tree — one moment, but growing up a tree — decades!

Anyway, we must accept that the trees are cutting down for the procurement of valuable timber and fuel, and for cleaning up the agriculture and construction lands. Natural forests are the source of many material resources. Humans just cannot do without them in nearest future.

People needs the wood for construction, production of paper and furniture, firewood, food and medicinal plants, and the other wooden goods.

The more peoples on the planet are becomes, the more trees are cut down

Forest fires are annually eliminates a hundreds of hectares of forests.


But recovering period of typically forest, usually takes a tens of years!

We found a solution!

Based on the experience of Russian scientists and the experience of foreign colleagues — we've created a unique technologies of growing a fast-growing trees.

Fast-growing trees, due to their their properties, are allows you to get high-quality wood products, those needed by millions of people on the planet and keep a natural forests alive!


According to statistics, that published by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the plantation planting of trees for the provision of wooden raw-materials to the global forest industry became to a large business, thats developing at a rapid pace.

The fast-growth of forest plantations amounts in the world is due to the increase of international demand for wood products, sawn timber, paper and also due to the depletion and shrinking of forests.

In recent years, world scientists have been actively researching the fast-growing trees species to provide a primary wood raw-materials for forestry, woodworking, pulp and paper industries.

And now, the huge part of attention is focused on the fast-growing culture of Paulownia, due to its unique characteristics that can be used in many sectors of the economy.


Massive planting of trees is just a big investment. This is good and responsible business, and the most importantly — it's good for the Earth, on which we all live.

We appreciate that you're know about that problem and that you care about the next generations lives.

If you have an ideas and suggestions, we are ready do discuss and find the profitable way for the cooperation.

We’re opened, and ready for cooperation.